Safety Alert 55 – Preventing Accidents

Safety Alert 55 – Preventing AccidentsSafety Alert 55
5/24/2017 from the desk of Chris Detillier- HSE Manager
What Preventing Incidents
Where All Facilities and Departments
When At all times
There are many factors that can lead to workplace incidents. Some of the most common factors are haste (rushing), complacency, lack of focus, and lack of knowledge or understanding. It is important as a company that we understand the impact that these situations and identify when these risk factors are present.
Haste (rushing)- haste can be caused by deadlines to get projects completed, push by clients or supervisors, or trying to complete too many tasks or projects at a time. Even though it is important to get jobs done in a timely manner, that should never come at the expense of safety. Many times, being in a hurry leads to unsafe acts and short-cuts, which are not acceptable. If you feel that you do not have enough time to complete a project in a safe manner, you must report it to your supervisor in order to come up with a safe solution.
Complacency– this happens when we get used to performing the same tasks again and again and become over confident that nothing will go wrong. What we fail to realize is that many of the tasks we perform will always have a new or additional hazard due to the surrounding environment. Protect yourself from complacency by being sure to thoroughly complete JSAs and look for additional hazards specific to the job, have someone new to the location or job give ideas (a fresh set of eyes can see things that you have been missing), and do not assume that because you have been doing something for a long time without an incident that nothing will happen.
Lack of focus– this can be caused haste and complacency, as well as other distractions whether on the job or at home. If we are not 100% focused on what we are doing we are putting ourselves at risk of an incident. Ensure that you are mentally prepared to perform your job. Inform supervisors if there are any distractions that may affect your focus and take your attention off of the task at hand.
Lack of knowledge– Many times pride takes over and we do not want to ask questions or admit that we do not know how to something. If we are not sure of how to do a specific task or the hazards, how are we supposed to do it safely? The worst thing that we can do in this situation is to not speak up and get our questions answered. If you are not sure about a task that is given, information about the facility, or the hazards associated with a particular task it is extremely important that you find out any questions that you have. Failure to do so will put yourself or others at risk of injury.
By focusing on these risks factors, we will encourage and provide a safe working environment for Gulf South employees as well as other companies at the facility. These items should be brought up at pre-tour meetings to remind workers to be aware of these risks. Supervisors and foremen need to communicate with their crew to ensure that the above factors are not present. If any are identified, they need to come up with a solution to mitigate these hazards. Supervisors must also ensure that JSAs are completed and communicated thoroughly to everyone on the crew and that crew members are allowed to give feedback. If you feel that any of these factors are causing an unsafe working condition we must speak up and let someone know. This is a Gulf South policy. Remember that we all have stop work authority and if we do not speak up, we are allowing unsafe acts to occur. “Silence is Permission”
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