Safety Alert 49 – Safe Scaffold Platforms

Safety Alert 49 – Safe Scaffold PlatformsSafe Scaffold Platforms – Safety Alert 49

As a company, it is our obligation to build safe, quality scaffolds for the end users that work from them.  All scaffolds are to be equipped with complete decking, toe boards, and hand rails on all open sides.  In many situations, we are limited to building scaffolds around obstacles such as process piping, structural supports, cable trays, etc.  This can make it challenging to completely deck, handrail, and install toe boards around these obstacles.  Though this is a challenge, it is not impossible to overcome these situations and every attempt should be made to do so.  This is for the protection of Gulf South, the scaffold user, and yourself as a craftsman.

During planning, determine if there will be any possible obstructions or barriers that could prevent you from putting protective devices in place.  If so, determine if there is a better way to build the scaffold or if the scaffold can be positioned in another location that would allow the work to be completed in a safe manner.  If this cannot be done, handrails, toe boards, and decking should be installed as close to any opening or obstruction as possible to eliminate the possibility of a worker falling or an object getting dropped from the scaffold.  This may take a little more time and effort by having to install extra equipment and clamps, but it will provide the safest scaffold and is a requirement of Gulf South Services.

After completing a scaffold, step back and take a few minutes to double check that all scaffolding safety requirements have been met.  If there is any doubt, be sure to correct the problem and tag the scaffold accordingly.  If there are any barriers that are preventing you from meeting these requirements, please let me know so that we can get them resolved.

For questions or concerns, please contact

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