Pandemic Preparedness


Revision Date: March 2020 Print Date: March 2020
Approved By: Greg Sandoz COO Revision #: 4.1 Pandemic
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GULF SOUTH SERVICES, INC. has developed a company program to inform employees of steps to be taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases as well as to protect themselves and other employees. This plan is to be implemented in any declaration of a pandemic. This plan can be modified or changed when more extreme methods are required or suggested from the CDC.
 To set an expectation of responsibility of all employees to use all tools and information to prevent contracting or spreading infectious diseases during a recognized pandemic.
 To designate responsibilities of management to implement this plan
 The Senior Management is responsible for ownership and implementation of the Plan. The Senior Management team shall inform the HSE team of any upcoming work in new or unusual locations in other states or countries. The Senior Management team is responsible to facilitate the direction of employees to participate in any required training that is determined by the HSE team. The Senior Management team shall provide resources needed to complete required training.
 The HSE Manager or Safety Coordinator is responsible to advise management of any known government warnings and or changes to possible pandemics. This should include when potential work is being planned out of local areas, out of state, or in foreign areas. The HSE Manager or Safety coordinator is further responsible to work with Senior Management to develop specific plans to execute the work that would include any required vaccinations, specific required PPE, and any specific training on hygiene requirements. The HSE Manager or Safety Coordinator shall set up any needed testing and direct any required quarantines.
 The Supervisor is responsible for executing the plan on site or office levels. The Supervisor is further responsible to provide training to employees and to monitor the site for potential employees that could be an exposure or that have been exposed. The supervisor is responsible to report all potential infected employees to the HSE team.
Revision Date: March 2020 Print Date: March 2020
Approved By: Greg Sandoz COO Revision #: 4.1 Pandemic
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C. General Plan
1) Proper personal hygiene should be practiced at all times. Employees should wash their hands regularly. It is the responsibility of the company to provide all employees access to clean restroom and lunch room facilities. All employees shall have access to areas to wash hands.
2) Drinking water will be provided and individual single use cups shall be provided for all employees. Employees assigned to prepare drinking water shall be screened for exposure and must be trained on proper procedures for water preparation. Bottled water is preferred in these situations.
3) Hand Sanitizer will be placed in all common areas for employees to use at their discretion. EPA approved disinfectants will be provided in all restrooms and common areas. Industrial type clean wipes or disinfecting wipes shall be available to all employees in all common areas.
4) Employees shall receive training prior to being dispatched to any areas where there is a known or potential pandemic. Office employees shall receive training on general hygiene and prevention of spread of diseases annually and in any declared pandemic. This training shall be tracked on form 16a.
5) Any employee that has been exposed to the particular illness or who has been diagnosed with the particular illness must not return to work until they have received a return to work from a licensed physician. In extreme situations, non-essential employees may be laid off or moved to part time status. Essential employees that can perform their duties remotely may be asked to work from home.
6) Field employees being dispatched to areas of known pandemics must take all required immunization prior to dispatch. All office employees will be strongly encouraged to take proper immunization in pandemics.
7) GSSI will maintain our 24 hour on call service. All essential employees will maintain communication via mobile and email. Senior management will set periodic meetings to discuss updates and plans to maintain projects as well as changes in recommendations from the CDC or other government agencies. Action Items from these meetings will be distributed via e-mail.
8) Operations will maintain communication with clients through e-mail, GSSI call in service, and the 24 hr. on call scaffold line.
9) GSSI will not facilitate and will cancel any large group gatherings or company events in any declared pandemic. Groups of employees will be limited to the required amount for the specific task and or project. On large projects, employees will be asked to refrain from any physical contact (hand shaking) and social spacing during safety meetings.
10) All common areas shall be cleaned daily and after each use using an EPA approved disinfectant or sanitary wipes. Door handles and entry areas shall be cleaned daily. Employees shall disinfect their work stations daily.
11) This plan shall be monitored by Senior Management and the HSE team as the pandemic progresses. Changes will be evaluated by the Senior Management
Revision Date: March 2020 Print Date: March 2020
Approved By: Greg Sandoz COO Revision #: 4.1 Pandemic
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team. After the event the Senior Management Team will review the effectiveness of the plan and recommend any needed changes. This plan can be revised as new knowledge or technology is provided. This program shall be reviewed at least annually.

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