GULF SOUTH SAFETY ALERT 53! General Safety Rules

Safety Alert 53- General Safety RulesGULF SOUTH SAFETY ALERT!
3/15/2017 from the desk of Chris Detillier- HSE Manager
What General Safety Rules
Where All Job Sites, all crafts need to be aware of these general rules.

Please be aware of the following general safety rules and requirements:

• Vapor Cigarettes- Be aware that vapor cigarettes are not allowed at Anadarko facilities and may not be allowed at other facilities because they may be considered a fire hazard. Please check with your supervisor before traveling to an offshore location to determine if they will be allowed at the location.
• Cell Phones- Cell phones are not allowed to be used during working hours, unless they are being used for work purposes. If you are on tour you should not be on your cell phone. This is company policy and needs to be enforced by supervisors.
• Scaffolding- at least two boards are needed to work from when erecting or dismantling scaffolds. Scaffold bracing must also be installed on the scaffold is being erected, not once the scaffold is completed. This is a company policy.
• General Health/Hygiene- Your health is important. Be sure to take steps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Wash hands frequently and inform your supervisor if you are sick prior to being sent offshore. Ensure that you are in good health by taking advantage of wellness visits. Alert supervisors of any medications or health issues that may affect your work performance or be necessary for them to know in the event of a medical emergency.
• Incident Reporting- Report all injuries to your supervisor. Even if the injury seems minor or the cause is not known. Supervisors must fill out an incident report on all incidents that are reported even if they are minor in nature and those reports must be turned in to the safety department. This is a company policy and failure to report an incident can result in termination.

For questions or concerns, please contact Chris Detillier at 985-354-4043 or

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