SAFETY ALERT 48 – Medical First Aid- Struck by Hammer


What               Medical First Aid- Struck by Hammer

Where            Ship Shoal 193A

When                         10-26-2016 Safety Alert 48- Medical First Aid-Struck by Hammer


A Gulf South employee was in the process of tightening some nuts on the flare boom

with a sledge hammer and about a 1 1/16” hammer wrench when he struck the web of

his hand between his thumb and pointer finger with a sledge hammer.  The impact of

the hammer caused the worker to receive a laceration on his hand.  He was brought in

and the laceration was treated as a medical first aid case.



The employee failed to use proper hand placement by putting his hand within close-proximity of the striking area of the hammer wrench.  When the employee struck the hammer wrench this did not give him much contact area and he struck the web of his hand, as well as the handle.

Corrective Measures

Employee was counseled on the importance of proper hand and body placement.  When using hammer wrenches or in any situation where pinch points or struck by another object is possible, use mechanical means of holding or securing the equipment.  When using hammer wrenches, hammer wrench holders should be used to eliminate the possibility of hand injuries.  If these are not available, tie a rope to the hammer wrench and having someone hold pressure on the wrench from a safe distance.  This will allow the worker to strike the wrench without having the holder’s hands be in a dangerous location.  The employee was wearing impact gloves which helped to reduce the severity of the injury.  Anytime you are using striking tools be aware of hand location.  If your hands are in an area where there is the potential to be hit or pinched look for safer ways to perform the task.

For questions or concerns, please contact GSSI’s HSE Manager at (985)709-3239 or

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