Safety Alert 38 – Dropped Object, Action Taken


What               Dropped Object revised

Where                        Anadarko Marco Polo

When                         4-12-16

What Happened: Team members were pulling material from a rack. 3 scaffold ledgers came out of the rack and fell through an open hole. It fell 30’ into an open area on the next lower deck. There was no injury and no damage.

Why This Happened: The material was staged too close to an opening in the deck.

Corrective Action: Team covered the open hole with wooden scaffold planks. This safety alert is being issued to all GSSI. All GSSI supervisors shall conduct an immediate sweep of all material storage areas. No material shall be stored within 4’ of any opening in a deck unless a physical barrier is placed between the material and the opening. For short material, utilize scaffold basket racks or “cage racks”. Where these are not available keep material in the shipping baskets

Falling and dropped objects are two of the leading hazards that lead to injuries and incidents in our industry. GSSI as well as many of our customers go to great links to put in place preventative measures to prevent this type of incident. Never store material within 4 feet of an opening Install larger toe boards or sheets of plywood around material storage areas to prevent any material from falling to lower levels.

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